'Tech 101': what you need to know about gear...

I have 'scalable' sound and lighting systems, so I can bring suitable set ups for everything from

an intimate house party, to a large wedding or corporate celebration

My gear list includes things like:

• different sized sound systems 

• outdoor accent lighting

• outdoor speakers

• microphones
• video projectors

• lighting (DJ lighting including effects: blacklight, mirror ball, lasers, effects)

If you need it - you'll have it 

(even if I don't have it, I can usually get it together for your event)

If you have a playlist on an iPad, iPhone, etc. I can amplify if for you

I can do custom digital audio editing, sound design, sound effects, if you require these services

• I use great gear, always in great shape and well maintained

• I spent decades as a studio engineer and producer, so you can be assured that everything

  will work right, and sound clean & clear

• I can usually resolve any problems at any venue:

  (power/circuit breaker issues, electrical hums, etc.)