what types of music do I play?
          ...everything & anything you want to hear!
I request song lists from all my clients,
to assure that I'm playing what THEY want to hear
(including a 'Do Not Play' list)

I collect all genres of music!

...including pop, latin, classic rock, funk, world beat, reggae...

• I have an immense music collection at my fingertips

• I play music from most decades - mainly from the 1960's through to the present 

• I also have 'mashups' and 'remixes' of your favourite songs from years gone by

• I worked for decades as a pro musician, so I understand all aspects of music:

      ...tempo, key, feel, groove, etc., to assure that things feel right and flow

• I create a lot of my own remixes - mainly from my favourite 60's/70's songs