After an initial meeting or phone consultation, I will do my best to assess the music, lighting and sound needs of your event.

I'll present you with options and recommendations

If you want me to put your event on my calendar, (and be committed to that work for sure),

I'll require a nonrefundable 50% deposit, which can be paid by cheque, ca$h, PayPal, e-Transfer, etc.

I need to be paid the balance by cash or eTransfer on the event day, before my set begins

Once you've booked me, I'll ask you to download a document (from this website), so you can

provide me a list of songs, genres and artists that you want to be included in my playlist,

and info so that I can find out who it is that I'll be playing for (age range, numbers, etc.)

If needed, I will arrange to visit your location to assess things like what type of sound and lighting gear I will need, power requirements, loading considerations, etc.

You'll have my cell number to assure that there is no communication stress

I'll personally be at your event throughout, to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

For weddings, where a lot of sound and lighting gear is required, sometimes I'll set up

the day before if possible, so that I'm not in the way of your decorating activities

During the event, if you have any question or concerns about music, volume, etc., I'll be happy 

to assist you to make sure that the musical component of your event is perfect and satisfying

for you and your guests


details, details...