premium online based professional digital audio & music services

I provide an assortment of music related audio services for musicians, song writers, record labels, etc.

Everything from 'audio sweetening' to full production recording: tracking, arrangement, programming and assorted DAW work, mixing, mastering as well as creating stems and creating custom DJ remixes...

Musical Audio Services:


• digital multitrack audio recording

• music composition

• music arrangement

• mixing

• midi programming, drum programming

• frame accurate audio editing

• synthesis (additive, subtractive, FM...)

• custom sampling

• creation of DJ stems

• DJ remixes

• mastering

all digital audio services are billed on an hourly basis - which ranges from $25 - $100/hour, 

based on a projects' specific requirements


email me for details & pricing

Prairie Town - R. Bachman/N. Young
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Only Money - Randy Bachman
00:00 / 00:00
Rain - The Arcane Garden
00:00 / 00:00
Official Remix: Strange Advance - S. Advance, DJ Will D'Beats
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Holding - The Arcane Garden
00:00 / 00:00

Me producing Randy Bachman for the 'Any Road' album

at Greenhouse studios, Vancouver, Canada     circa 1992

Remix: Live for This - Ellen McIlwaine & T.A.G.
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For photos and videos of my previous life, click here

NOTE: this is just a small sample of some of my studio work.

I have done work in many musical genres, so if you have a musical project in mind, please contact me for more examples more specific to whatever you're working on